Prettiest Royals in the World

prettiest_royals_in_the _world_highsocietytimesThe website Yareah compiled a list of the prettiest royals in the world. They made their choices based on a mixture of being both a beautiful woman and supporting humanitarian causes. The unordered list included Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Princess Madeleine of Sweden, and Queen of Jordan Rania Al Abdullah. Other possibilities considered for the list included Jetsun Pema, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, and Charlene Wittstock.

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi is the second child of Caroline, Princess of Monaco, and Stefano Casiraghi. She was born in 1986 and has been patroness of the Public Safety Division of the Airport Police of Monaco. Princess Charlotte has helped raise funds for the Princess Grace Foundation by attending the Rose Ball.

Wife of Prince William of Great Britain, the always stylish Kate Middleton has had a major impact on British fashion. However, she is also proud of helping charity organizations as well. She has stated that much still needs to be done as hundreds of children are still malnourished throughout the world.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden is also the Duchess of Halsingland and Gastrikland. She is the second daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia as well as being their youngest child. She was born in 1982 and is patroness to the organization Min Stora Dag. She interned for UNICEF in New York City for six months back in 2006 and worked for the Child Protective Services Division.

Rania Al Abdullah is the wife of King Abdullah II and therefore the Queen of Jordan. She speaks on several causes both at home and internationally and focuses her specific attentions on supporting organizations for children as well as global education. She has said that social media is a catalyst for the advancement of everyone’s rights and that through social media individuals can find and fight for a cause  regardless of the distance between them.


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