Prince Charles Oldest Male Heir to the Throne

prince_charles_oldest_heir_to_the_throne_highsocietytimesHis Royal Highness The Prince of Wales is now officially the oldest male heir in British history as of September 19th, 2013. The previous record was held by King William IV, brother of King George IV. King George IV died without having any children so King William IV acceded to the throne in 1830 following his brother’s passing. Prince Charles also holds the records for the oldest Prince of Wales and the third-longest serving. Additionally, he has the title of the longest-serving heir to the throne in the history of Great Britain.

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles’ mother, is, at the age of 87, already the oldest Monarch in British history and appears to be in excellent health overall. She became the second longest reigning Monarch in 2011 and will overtake Queen Victoria’s record as longest reigning Monarch the history of Great Britain on September 10, 2015. After the King of Thailand, Queen Elizabeth II is the second longest reigning Monarch alive today.

In 2013, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, became the oldest male member of the Royal Family in Great Britain’s history at the ripe old age of 92. Additionally, in 2009, the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip became the longest serving consort in British history, beating out the previous record-holder Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II hold the most endearing record jointly, their union being the longest Royal marriage in the history of Great Britain. The couple has been married sixty-five years and their marriage is still going strong.  Prince Charles has been heard to express his concern on many occasions of his time running out to become King of the United Kingdom and make a difference. Although the Prince of Wales will be King someday, that day may be many years still to come due to his mother being the picture of perfect health.


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