A CHIVAS Brothers Event

a_chivas_brothers_event_highsocietytimesHer Royal Highness The Princess Royal performed the official opening duties of CHIVAS Brothers’ new bottling hall in Paisley where whisky business CHIVAS Brothers is based. Prestige Hall, the new bottling hall, will primarily bottle the more luxury spirit products of CHIVAS Brothers such as special editions of Beefeater gin, Royal Salute, Ballantine’s, The Glenlivet, and, of course, Chivas Regal. Plans are to sell these luxury versions of the flagship brands primarily in the Far East, where consumers are displaying a thirst for inventive presentations of luxury gins and whiskies.

One of the featured whiskies is the Royal Salute Diamond Tribute, a 21-year-old whisky which was released in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Royal Salute brand and the Queen’s coronation. The retail price of a bottle of this extravagant whisky is 170 pounds at most duty-free shops. Another exclusive treat bottled at Prestige Hall is Chivas Regal James and John, a blend created to honor the distiller’s founders. Chivas Regal James and John is sold exclusively in China at a 50% premium to Chivas Regal 12-year-old.

Chivas Brothers’ is rapidly expanding, investing 40 million pounds in its Scotland whisky and gin operations each year. In June of 2013, Chivas Brothers re-opened its Glen Keith distillery. In 2010, The Glenlivet Distillery was expanded to the tune of 10 million pounds. Additionally, plans are in the works to build another distillery at Carron in Speyside to be completed in 2015. Chivas Brothers did not disclose the amount invested in the Prestige Hall bottling hall.

Chief executive of Chivas Brothers, Laurent Lacassagne, believes that future prospects for premium Scotch whisky are good and that the investment in Prestige Hall will help the company appeal to consumers worldwide looking for the highest quality products. Chivas Brothers has a policy of buying Scottish goods locally to be used in production such as glass, cartons,  labels, and outer cases but most of the technology utilized in the new bottling hall comes from Krones AG of Germany. Chivas Brothers uses local Scottish companies for distribution. speed and lower noise level as compared with other bottling halls. In addition, Mr. McIntosh revealed that Chivas Brothers is refurbishing its south bottling hall in Paisley, scheduled to be completed within 18 – 24 months.

 The four bottling halls of Paisley account for 40% of Chivas’ whisky bottling output. Chivas Brothers’ manufacturing director Alister McIntosh noted Prestige Hall’s slower bottling


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