Princess Eugenie Moves to New York

princess_eugenie_moves_to_new_york_highsocietytimes23-year-old Princess Eugenie, the Queen’s second youngest granddaughter, is moving to New York in October of 2013. The move is caused by Princess Eugenie being hired to work at Paddle8, an art auction house owned by Alexander Gilkes. Alexander Gilkes and his brother Charlie Gilkes are good friends of the royals.

Princess Eugenie will be leaving behind her boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank, for a spell but the two are planning to visit whenever possible and the princess will return to London when Paddle8 opens a new office there. Princess Eugenie earned her degree at Newcastle in Art History and English Literature. Previously she has been utilizing her degree during work for auction house Christie’s and at the Royal Collection in Buckingham Palace.

The princess is sure to socialize with Hilary Rhoda, Lauren Bush Lauren, and the Hiltons perhaps by getting cocktails at the fashionable SoHo House or The Standard. Pippa Middleton also enjoys hanging out in Manhattan, so Princess Eugenie should have plenty of people to introduce her to New York and keep her busy.


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