Prince Phillip Meets Prince George

prince_phillip_meets_prince_george_highsocietytimesPrince Philip was finally introduced to his great-grandson on September 15th, 2013 nearly two months after Prince George’s birth. Prince Philip was desperate to meet the infant prince but was unable to due to his recovery at Sandringham after exploratory abdominal surgery. Prince William employed a private plane to take his wife Kate Middleton and son Prince George to Balmoral Castle in Scotland where Prince Philip and the Queen have been living since late July. The Queen had already met the baby Prince George when he was brought to Kensington not long after his birth.

Prince William and his young family stayed at Balmoral Castle for a week. During that time, it is believed that a special family picture was taken to commemorate three heirs to the throne being alive at the same time, Prince Charles, Prince William, and infant Prince George. The last time such a historic picture was taken was in 1894 with Queen Victoria, Edward VII, George V, and great-grandson Edward VIII posing for the picture.


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