Princess Kate at Tusk Conservation Awards

princess_kate_at_tusk_conservation event_highsocietytimes

In her second public appearance since the birth of her son, Prince George, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a sparkly silver sleeveless dress created by one of her favorite designers, Jenny Packham. The elegant floor-length gown highlighted her figure beautifully showing off how quickly she has regained it since the birth of her infant son. Kate Middleton accessorized her outfit with a diamond bracelet given to her as a wedding gift from the Prince of Wales and Jimmy Choo high-heeled platform sandals.

The event was a conservation awards dinner in London called the Tusk Conservation Awards and it was the first time these Awards had been held. The dinner was held to celebrate the work of wildlife conservationists and was on the evening of the same day the Duke made his announcement that he was leaving the Armed Forces partially to concentrate on protecting endangered species.

The Duke gave a speech at the event, during which he joked about infant Prince George having a voice to match any lion’s roar and about the couple nervously checking their phones to make sure all is well as this was the first evening they had left their son in the care of a nanny. The nanny chosen for the job was none other than Jessie Webb who had been the nanny of Prince William and Harry as they were growing up.

After kidding around a bit, he went on to the theme of the awards dinner, speaking of how as new parents the couple’s thoughts have turned towards protecting the world their child will inherit. He spoke eloquently about imagining a world in which rhinoceros no longer live in the wild and how it is the birth-right of African children to experience the wildlife that their ancestors treasured. The Duke spoke about how he hoped to introduce Prince George to East Africa in time and noted the “truly scary” statistic that 35,000 elephants had been killed for their ivory tusks in the last year alone.

The Duke became the patron of Tusk Conservation in 2005. The founder of Tusk Conservation, Charles Mayhew, noted that the Duke was really excited about the awards ceremony and spoke admiringly of the passion he has for conservation. He added that the date for the awards dinner had been planned even before the Duchess became pregnant. The two awards given at the Tusk Conservation Awards were to Tom Lalampaa from the Northern Rangelands Trust in Kenya and Clive Stockil of the Save Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe.


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