Princess of the Patrons

Princess of PatronsPrincess Beatrice is a patron of several worthwhile causes, and continues to add more patronages to her already sizable list. The most recent cause she has become the new patron of is the Broomwood African Education Foundation. The Foundation is currently in the process of constructing a school in North West Ethiopia for orphans. The school will be named St. George’s School, after the patron saint of England and Ethiopia. It will be located near a river in a city of 50,000 residents, Azezo built atop a 5-hectare plot of land.

St George’s School is set to open in the fall of 2013. The students will be comprised of five and six-year-old boys and girls from local underprivileged families. Free education will be provided by the school as well as extracurricular activities and wholesome meals. St. George’s School is modeled after Broomwood Hall in London and strives to adopt the same philosophy and ideals as the London school.

Princess Beatrice’s history of patronage dates back to 2007, when she became the global ambassador for Children in Crisis, a charity which helps educate women and children in the poorest countries in the world. The charity Children in Crisis was founded in 1993 by Sarah, Duchess of York as well as Princess Beatrice’s mother.

Princess Beatrice was the first Royal to run the London Marathon, appropriately displaying her dedication to fundraising and making a difference in the world. Additionally, Her Royal Highness summited the Mont-Blanc as a fundraiser for her own charity trust that she founded with six friends. The Big Change Charitable Trust acknowledges and supports projects financially that advance the lives of youth in meaningful ways.

Princess Beatrice has a history of being especially fond of supporting childhood causes over the years. She is an enthusiastic benefactor of The Sick Kids Friends Foundation as well as an Ambassador to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Furthermore, Princess Beatrice is Patron of the Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice. After her opening of the Hospice’s new building, Her Royal Highness wrote of the Hospice being a place of hope in a letter. Clearly, as evidenced by her patronages, children’s health is of upmost importance to Princess Beatrice.

Princess Beatrice received a diagnosis of dyslexia when she was seven years old, so her patronage of the Dyslexia Centre of Helen Arkell is an especially beloved one.


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