Princess of Monaco is Olympic Swimmer

princess_of_monaco_olympic_swimmer_highsocietytimesOn September 1st, 2013, former South African Olympic swimmer and current Princess of Monaco, Princess Charlene, swam in the French sea off the shores of Capbreton in southwestern France for her foundation’s charity event. The primary goal of Princess Charlene is to develop and encourage sports values in children. During the event, the 35-year-old princess taught children about water safety and demonstrated swimming techniques in the ocean and in the pool while she was clad in a wetsuit.

In a statement she spoke of her concerns that too many children are drowning due to not knowing how to swim and stated that children are not receiving the opportunity to learn that could easily prevent these drowning accidents. Additionally, Princess Charlene said learning to swim would provide children much needed confidence in the water as well as save their lives. 150 students between the ages of five and eleven attended the event put on by lifeguards, athletes, and about 50 volunteers.

Princess Charlene met Prince Albert II for the first time back in 2000 at the Marenostrum international swimming meeting in Monaco where she took gold for the 200 meter backstroke. She married Prince Albert II in 2011. Princess Charlene’s Olympic team took fifth at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. She stopped competing in 2007 after the Beijing Olympics.


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